Friday, April 24, 2009


Last week on 17th April was our first marriage anniversary. The last year has easily been the best of my life - filled with love, affection, laughter and lots of success for both of us. We definitely planned to celebrate it in a big way and Goa was an ideal place for a romantic getaway.

We stayed a Lemon Tree Amarante hotel and the stay was comfortable and leisurely. With the beach just about 500 meters away and an awesome pool(with a pool bar), this is just about the ideal Goa hotel. It was great fun to watch DVDs on the LCD TV provided in each room.

The Goa beaches were full of life with lots of shacks providing awesome cocktails and really tasty food. There was a cool breeze soothing us all through the day. Chilling out in each others company on the beach for hours together was really memorable.

The icing on the cake were the cute and brilliant gifts given to me by Komal. She gave me all of four gifts, each one better than the other:

A very nice photo of ours engraved in a crystal. The platform on which it is elevated beautifies it with different colors being dispersed.

XMini capsule speakers

A very compact and cute speaker for our iTouch with surprisingly good sound quality for its size. It has a cool battery life of 8 hours and can also be charged through USB port.

A magnificent diamond studded gold pendant with our initials. This design is Komal's handiwork - really creative.

The tale of our life as a conglomeration of pictures. Komal blew me away with her artistic skills and creativity with this one. She must have spent long hours making this amazing piece of work. Though to be honest, its beauty is not reflected in these pics - it looks much more beautiful in real life.

Cute collage of my pics when I was little and was actually sweet.

Collage of Komal's college life pics. Looking beautiful wifu!

A great pic with awesome expressions!

Dinner at the "Beach House" restaurant at the Taj. The ambience was exhilarating - overlooking the sea, with a beautiful breeze and awesome food. Gotta go and stay at Taj sometime - its a different experience which cannot be put into words.

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