Tuesday, April 7, 2009

NFS tricks

Today while trying to use NFS between different OSes I hit a few problems that I had not seen before. I am listing them down here:

- Since the NFS server had SunOS and client had Linux, they were speaking different NFS protocols. In this case "-o ver=3" option needs to be used so that NFS v3 is used as the protocol.
- The uid and gid on the server and client was not the same and hence permission was being denied. Either I would have to create same UID/GIDs on both server and client, or allow rwx access to all users on the server. I had to choose the latter, since I do not have root access on the server.
- While trying to untar, I hit this error "cannot change ownership to uid X, gid X". This was because while untarring the UID/GID information was being preserved and these were not present on the client. You can get around this by using --no-same-premissions argument for tar.

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